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Choose IoT connectivity partner for Dash Camera Solution Providers

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It’s estimated that there will be over fifty billion connected devices by 2020. This staggering figure indicates that the number of potential IoT connectivity partners is only going to grow, and fast. 

What this means for you as a dash camera solution provider is a potentially confusing (not to mention overwhelming) process to find a suitable IoT connectivity partner. 

But all is not lost.

Read on for the key things you should consider when making the right choice for your business needs.

Strong Network Coverage for Effective Fleet Management

When it comes to network coverage, you should seek out a partner that has reliable and robust connectivity to ensure the fluency of live-streaming camera feeds, every minute of every day. 

An IoT partner that can support you with high-speed data access will bring you a number of benefits, including improved productivity of your entire fleet, and reliable monitoring of your drivers for safety and training purposes. You’ll have the peace of mind that no matter where the vehicles in your fleet are, they’ll be connected without a hitch. 

It is also vital that your connectivity partner can provide you with a seamless 3G network coverage. JT’s solution, for example, covers all four of the major UK networks, meaning that when a vehicle travels into  an area with weak or no signal, it would automatically jump onto the next available network to avoid any data gaps. 

If your fleet is expected to travel across borders, then you’ll also need to consider finding a partner that offers international connectivity. Where cross-border access is required, JT can support your business with access to over 500 global operators.

How to Manage Connectivity

Managing multiple data streaming services can be operationally challenging. So, it’s important to source an IoT partner that helps you manage connectivity intuitively and proactively.

JT’s solution allows fleet managers real-time access to camera footage and vehicle tracking by simply logging-in from a mobile or laptop. This is especially helpful for transport companies who want to monitor driver performance or analyse footage following a collision.

Another element to consider when managing connectivity is the ability to control data usage across fleets. For example, IoT connectivity partners such as JT offer fixed data use per camera system per vehicle, allowing you to proactively manage expenditure and distribute data in the more efficiently. 

Safeguards Against Bill Shock

With potentially huge fleets connected to the network, extended (and costly) data sessions can easily occur when customers inadvertently stay logged into the system. One of the primary challenges of having connected vehicles is, therefore, the risk of “bill shock”.

To mitigate this, it can be hugely beneficial to pick a partner that has safeguards in place to avoid unexpected large bills. 

JT’s solution, for example, supports customers with a connectivity management tool, where it’s possible to set up automated alert emails proactively monitor usage. This reduces the risk of bill shock, and allows operational managers to stay on top of monthly costs in real-time.

The benefits of an effective dash camera connectivity partner

When choosing an IoT connectivity partner for your dash camera solution, the key is to find a partner that empowers your business to grow securely, and in the most cost-efficient way. 

With the right partner, you can unlock the door to:

    • Reliable and robust connectivity
    • High-speed data access
    • Efficient fleet monitoring
    • Higher levels of driver safety 

The net result of these benefits allows your business to remain competitive as you scale, both by growing your client base and entering into new markets.

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Would you like to learn more about JT's dash camera solution? Download our "Compass Dash Camera Case Study" and get to know why one of our clients chose us as an IoT provider. 

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