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GPS Tracker: A Telematics Necessity for Car Rental


The GPS Tracker is a necessity for car rental companies using real-time telematics.

How Car Rental GPS Tracker Helps Businesses Bloom

Car rental companies are using the GPS tracker to keep track of their inventories.

As a result, they can see which cars are available and which are currently rented, along with the location.  Especially relevant, this information is essential to running any car rental business.

Real-time telematics to automate everything for Car Rental companies, reducing paperwork. So, by tracking the miles driven by each vehicle, fleet maintenance increases.

One of the biggest problems faced by car rental companies is vehicle theft. Probably the best way to deal with this is by installing the GPS tracker.

Speeding is another problem that car rental companies have to face. Hence, tracking the speed of customers helps to reduce accidents.  Also, this helps with keeping their vehicles in good shape. Furthermore, they can notify the rental company if the vehicle is being misused.

The main two things these systems do, are increase accuracy of paperwork and help to stop car theft.

Telematics Companies Use Global Roaming SIMs to Stay Connected

Every telematics company uses GPRS or 3G data connection, or SMS to send vehicle position.

To enable a global service requires more than a one-network SIM card. This is because when you leave the home country it will start using data roaming. This results in very expensive data roaming charges and limited network coverage.

To solve this issue, JT offers a low-cost multi-network roaming SIM. JT IoT SIMs work with any GPS tracker, providing global multi-network coverage.

For a global telematics solution, the first choice is JT IoT with over 600 roaming agreements. This gives telematics companies a worldwide IoT connectivity service with best network coverage.

Find out how JT IoT can help your Telematics Business.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help your business, download your free copy our Compass Asset Protection Ltd Vehicle Tracking case study. 

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