What is a private APN and how it can help with IoT Security

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A private APN (Access Point Name), is a point of entry onto an IP network for a mobile device. Private APNs enable you and your staff to connect to the corporate network simply and securely.

Use a private APN with IoT mobile cellular devices has several benefits:

  • External corporate infrastructure is exposed only to provisioned devices, and not to the whole Internet
  • Low-level malware such as rootkits can bypass VPN enforcement but cannot bypass an APN. APNs make it easier to detect with corporate monitoring services.

The JT IoT Private APN Value proposition

Security – IoT devices are configured to use the Private APN. This makes APNs a superior solution in terms of data security when compared to using the public APN.

When used in conjunction with Fixed Private IP VPN solution terminating at a customer’s data centre. Therefore, organisations' data remains on the customer’s private data network.

The Private APN solution offering with secure mobile VPN (IPSEC) is considerably more secure than the typical VPN solution. This is due to VPN session data traversing the public internet, hence making it more vulnerable.

Configurability – Private APNs offer customers the ability to configure various settings such as IP address ranges, static or dynamic addressing as well as authentication techniques.

Cost-Effectiveness – Private APNs offers a cost-effective mobile VPN solution.  Furthermore, benefit from having mobile users conform to security and usage policies. This feature limits abuse and improves cost-effectiveness. VPN capability to replace costly leased and fixed-line systems.

Global Coverage – With access to over 500+ Global Roaming Agreements The open roaming data SIMs are designed to reduce the risk of failure. Multiple networks are available in all major geographic locations.  For VPN applications, it translates into seamless access to all the organisation’s applications and data, conveniently and securely virtually anywhere in the world.

Complementary products – JT IoT offer extensive products to complement the Private APN solution. These include Fixed IP SIM cards, Fixed Public IP SIMs, Fixed Private IP SIMs and VPN IP Sec 3DES.

Design Support – Our JT IoT sales team includes dedicated solutions specialists to advise and assist customers with a complete solution design.

The benefits of using a JT IoT Private APN

  • Device-specific IP addressability.
  • Simple SIM-based network management and control with VPN capability to replace leased and fixed-line systems.
  • Most noteworthy, providing secure peer-to-peer (P2P) two-way connectivity.
  • With JT IoT Private APN, it is faster and easier for the development, operation and maintenance of your IoT solutions.
  • Authentication mechanisms and ubiquitous infrastructure for multiple applications and customers are both time-saving and cost-effective.
  • Convenient integration to many different back-end systems.

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