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IoT Connectivity Provider: What Businesses need to know

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Have you ever stopped to think, does secure managed IoT connectivity play a key role in my company? And is wireless failover capability in our business continuity plan?

Imagine this scenario: If you deployed a smart meter on the wrong side of the shopping centre. The side that doesn't get an O2 mobile signal. When you turn on the smart meter, what will happen? The smart meter will unable to send secure live readings. As a result, you are unable to provide accurate billing and potential loss of earning.

Today, the need for secure, managed connectivity is the most important part of any business continuity plan. Hence an experienced and quality connectivity provider is crucial to business success. Learn how JT IoT can assist you to achieve your business goals.

IoT Connectivity Failover Strategy

Having a failover strategy enables business owners to focus on their core business.

This is where JT IoT can help. Each of our IoT SIMs can jump between networks as needed. As a result, your devices have the most routes back to your server.

Furthermore, your devices will find the other networks using the JT IoT SIM, giving you undifferentiated and non-steered network availability.

Best in Class Global Network Coverage

JT IoT provides fast, secure and reliable global IoT network connectivity to support your IoT business needs.

Once connected your IoT devices have access to 500+ mobile networks in over 210 countries and territories. It also enables you to choose the best signal network available in a specific country. This ensures that you have consistent global coverage at all times.

Global Resilient Connectivity

JT IoT SIMs have no extra software to get in the way and delay connection. Furthermore, No PLMN lists, no JAVA code, no Multi-IMSI code to confuse devices. And, we allow free hopping between all the networks available in a particular country, with dynamic IP address, fixed IP or IP SEC VPN.

Most noteworthy, JT's network core is geo-redundant and connects to the world through France and the UK.

Check out our quick guide to IoT Connectivity to learn more about different connectivity options available and factors to consider when choosing the one that suits your business needs.

JT IoT Solution With Open Roaming White Paper

White Paper Cover-JT IoT Solution Overview MockupGet a free copy of JT IoT solution with open roaming overview white paper, to find out how JT IoT can support you overcome these challenges with IoT connectivity, open roaming SIMs and managed IoT connectivity platform.

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