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JT IoT: Your one-stop single service provider

JT One-Stop Single Service Provider-min

As a one-stop single service provider of premium global wireless data. The JT IoT Solution includes multi-network unsteered open roaming for cellular connections. Along with complete integration to the JT IoT Nomad Connectivity Management Platform.

The benefits of working with a One-Stop Single Service Provider

The volume of IoT enabled devices shipped to customers is set to increase over the coming years. As a result, the demand for automation is very important. Automation ensures quality standards and lowest possible amount of handling and support costs. Working with a one-stop single service provider across all your global devices, will streamline and simplify your billing process and IoT connectivity management, so allow you to focus on your core businesses.

Simple and economic global deployment for your business

Automation is at the core of the JT IoT Nomad Connectivity Management Platform, using workflows to ensure a 100% degree of automation. It also provides complete API integration and allows users to construct, provision, bill and monitor complete their IoT solutions.

The JT IoT Nomad CMP also integrates LoRa and WiFi connectivity for “single pane of glass” visibility of hybrid estates.

One price and on one contract term

JT IoT's Global Open-Roaming SIMs come with one price and on one contract term, thus ensuring simple and economic global deployment for your business.

Find out more about the JT IoT Solution

Our global offering matches and exceeds the market leaders. With more than 500+ global networks available in over 210 countries, we offer international coverage managed through a single platform. Connect your devices anywhere and manage them with a single IoT connectivity provider - JT IoT. 

JT IoT Overview Cover-1To find out more about IoT connectivity, please visit the quick guide here.

To learn more about JT IoT Solutions, please download the JT IoT Solution Overview.

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