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The JT Nomad IoT Connectivity Management Platform gives you full control over connection and management of IoT devices for eSIM, cellular and LPWAN. Delivering cost-effective device connectivity and administration over multiple networks.

JT NOMAD IoT Platform: Self-Service Platform Features

Watch the below JT Nomad IoT Platform self-service platform features video, explore comprehensive tools and resources you need for cost-effective IoT deployment.

How to Realize Your Full Device Connectivity Potential?

For any business or enterprise to realise the full device connectivity potential, there are three things need to reap the benefits of a global scale service:

  1. The IoT device connectivity management solutions need to match your requirements.
  2. SIM management needs to be easy to use.
  3. Real-time visibility and management of every IoT device connected is of essential importance.

The JT Nomad IoT Platform provides easy to use secure connection and management of your IoT devices. Consequently, you can manage the lifecycle of your IoT device connectivity in real-time. Moreover, it offers monitoring and diagnostics to support your entire SIM estate.

Furthermore, you can activate entire fleet SIMs at a touch of a button, with fast and simple bulk activations. As a result saving time with bulk operational tasks, and enriched visual data analytics. In addition you can customize the detailed reporting to match your requirements.

Most noteworthy with Nomad, you can identify SIM behaviour, and manage connectivity 24/7. As a result, increasing the efficiencies in your IoT business.

Grow Revenue and Customer Loyalty

Grow revenue and customer loyalty with real-time insights and controls using Nomad. Because of utilising detailed reporting from the IoT Platform it is easy to monetise connected services. 

Real-time monitoring and diagnostics enable actionable insights. As a result, customer loyalty is increased due to a high level of service performance.

How to take Full Management and Control

Managed-IoT-connectivity-platform-300x189-1Nomad IoT Platform gives you full control, from ordering SIM cards, to activation. You can update offers and products at device-level. And most importantly the JT Nomad self-service platform provides you with total control and visibility of your SIM estates.

Order SIMs

The online SIM ordering feature enables selection of quantity based on deployment needs. Also, you can select the best SIM form factor for your device, such as;

  • 2FF (Standard Size)
  • 3FF (Micro Size)
  • 4FF (Nano Size)
  • QFN8 / MFF2 Chip
  • SoftSIM

All form factors available are eUICC (eSIM) compatible. Consequently, allowing ultimate network operator flexibility.

Modify Tariff offers and products at a device level

Changing tariff profiles is easy with the Nomad IoT Platform. As a result, you can update or change the tariff offer at the device-level.

Furthermore, you can define network selection priorities for individual countries. These are then set based on signal strength and price.

In addition, data consumption caps for each individual device can be set as part of the service profile.

Configurable custom fields

The custom fields are configurable to your needs. Added or removed at any time. Use the custom fields to assign SIMs to a specific device. This will give you the ability to see which of your devices are consuming the most data. You can also assign devices to groups or individuals, to help identify misused devices.

Smart Device connectivity management

Nomad-IoT-Device-Management-300x203-1Device connectivity management enables you to activate and manage your connected IoT device deployments.

Most noteworthy, the smart device connectivity management gives real-time information of the status of your devices. As a result, you can analyse current and historical data for each individual device.  Also, it gives a quick view of the serving network and associated network elements for each device.

Furthermore, you can use the interactive map to view and track device movements and connectivity on the go. As a result, this enables users to view the location of each individual device.

Individual & bulk SIM operations

Nomads SIM estate management comes with feature-rich, user-friendly navigation interface. Therefore, this enables you to activate an individual SIM, or in bulk. Also, it allows other actions such as suspend, resume and termination. Finally, the ‘refresh’ of network connection is used to help resolve device connectivity issues.

Track SIM inventory

Track your entire SIM estate with the SIM inventory pie chart. This displays in real-time how many SIMs are on-stock, productive, suspended or deleted.

Set up watchdog and alerts

SIM managementWith Nomad watchdog alerts allow you to define when and why you receive alerts. Watchdogs can be set to each individual SIM card depending on your requirements. So, when you SIMs approach their data limit you will avoid charges for over-usage.

You can configure the alert to send an email alert, or suspend the SIM and provide an email alert.

When a watchdog activated, the device appears on the home dashboard in Nomad and you get an email alert.

Set and change SIM status

In real-time, you can set and change SIM status. At a click of a button, you can activate, suspend, resume, terminate or refresh SIM status.

Send and receive SMS

Use Nomad to send and receive SMS to your devices, for communication and commands.

Export SIM estate as an excel file

Accessibility of data is easy with the Nomad IoT connectivity management platform. You can export your SIM estate as an excel file, enabling you to use the data on any system.

Branded UI

The Nomad customer branded UI (user interface) gives you the ability to brand the IoT platform. Giving easy access to all connectivity and billing information with your brand.

Only pay for the data you use

With the Nomad IoT Platform, you only play for the day you use, this saves you time and money.

For more about SIM management using the Nomad IoT Platform, or API. Please visit out IoT Platform page.

The platform enables access to all connectivity and management capabilities. Designed for service partners, manufactures and alike.

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